Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To my 2 Favorite OS's

Android is now 2 and Windows 7 is 1, and I forgot to get them gifts after all they have given me.

Android: Is on 2.2 Currently with the release of the 3.0 SDK right around the corner. Never before has so much been able to be done in the palm of your hand. Starting out with the G1 which can currently run 2.2 (Latest Android) while the iPhone one is stuck on 3.2 (Last Years) The android phone base has expanded to see phones across all carries and is pure awesomeness in phone form.

Windows 7: Has brought such feature as snap and Aero preview into our lives and with over 240 Million sold and tons more pirated Microsoft has created a great desktop GUI. It doesn't stop there. Microsoft is coming out with more programs that implement features of windows 7. IE9 is coming out soon which has awesome features with task bar along with multitasking, Go check it out (Link). Microsoft also offers free programs to students through its dreamspark website, A video will be coming shortly explaining all of its features. Link to Dreamspark.

These two platforms have changed the way the people interact with technology. Happy Birthday.

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