Monday, October 4, 2010

Browser Comparison

Today I will be comparing the three main Windows browsers while in beta. IE9, Chrome 7 and Firefox 4. These tests were done on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine. I recommend downloading them all and seeing which one you like the best, all have unique features that make the special. Also feel free to run the tests on your own.

Download Links:

Acid 3 Test:

Chrome - 100/100
Firefox* - 97/100
IE9* - 95/100

*Both failed on the 5 color, blue

HTML 5 Test:
Chrome - 231/300
Firefox - 204/300
IE9 - 96/300

Note - These browsers are still in beta and the numbers from both tests are likely to change before the final release.

Memory usage:
Firefox ~ 90,000K
Chrome ~ 50,000K
IE9 ~ 37,000K

Robot Unicorn Attack Test: Basically I played the game on all three browsers and took note on smoothness
Chrome and IE9 both displayed the game very smooth. I got a higher score on Chrome but a higher average on IE9
Firefox is glitchy while playing the game

This data is backed up by the Beauty of the web tests

Pros and Cons

Multiple Ad-ons
Personas - Themes
Sync - Allow for syncing between all devices of bookmarks and passwords
Grouping Tabs - Allows you to group tabs based on what it is being used for
Tab Bar location
Almost fully customizable

Takes up a lot of memory
Takes Awhile to boot
Tabs in taskbar (Can be disabled)
Poor 64-bit version

Ad-on support
Some Themes
Low memory consumption
Passes Acid 3 and highest on HTML 5
Tabs bar location

Not fully customizable
No tab-grouping
Poor 64-bit version

64-Bit support
Pinning Websites - Pin a website such as Facebook in the Taskbar for quick access (Check this out)
Low Memory consumption
Quick Boot
Designed only for Windows machines

Minimal ad-Ons and personalization
Tab Bar and Address bar are next to each other

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