Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To my 2 Favorite OS's

Android is now 2 and Windows 7 is 1, and I forgot to get them gifts after all they have given me.

Android: Is on 2.2 Currently with the release of the 3.0 SDK right around the corner. Never before has so much been able to be done in the palm of your hand. Starting out with the G1 which can currently run 2.2 (Latest Android) while the iPhone one is stuck on 3.2 (Last Years) The android phone base has expanded to see phones across all carries and is pure awesomeness in phone form.

Windows 7: Has brought such feature as snap and Aero preview into our lives and with over 240 Million sold and tons more pirated Microsoft has created a great desktop GUI. It doesn't stop there. Microsoft is coming out with more programs that implement features of windows 7. IE9 is coming out soon which has awesome features with task bar along with multitasking, Go check it out (Link). Microsoft also offers free programs to students through its dreamspark website, A video will be coming shortly explaining all of its features. Link to Dreamspark.

These two platforms have changed the way the people interact with technology. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple is Overpriced...Shocker

Recently Apple announced it new Mac Book Air. For those that don't know the Air has a 1.4 GHz processor with an 11.6 inch screen, for only $999 which can be yours for a generous donation of $999 to the Make Adequate Computers foundation (AKA MAC). These should be the specs of a Netbook but yet the Air cannot be used as such. I'm not saying a laptop that weighs only 2.3 pounds is not awesome but honestly who would use is. There is no cd player, only uses usb 2.0 and no eSATA or firewire. This sounds alot like a phone, so lets compare.

*All phone stats will be overclocked speeds.

T-Mobile G2 by Htc
OC at 1.42 Ghz

Macbook Air

Samsung Galaxy S
OC at 1.3Ghz

The Air is rocking a Wireless G compatibility along with Bluetooth 2.1 which is compatible with the G2 while the Galaxy S uses wireless N and Bluetooh 3.0. Like the Air the Galaxy S also has HD video out and a front facing Camera along with a normal one.

Basically Apple has put the specs of and android phone into a laptop and doubled the price, it is beyond me how they will sell.

If you want a netbook, go with an HP running Windows 7, if you want an expensive mini-laptop go to Dell and customize one that will have double the specs the Air does. Honestly their is no reason to purchase an Air.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Browser Comparison

Today I will be comparing the three main Windows browsers while in beta. IE9, Chrome 7 and Firefox 4. These tests were done on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine. I recommend downloading them all and seeing which one you like the best, all have unique features that make the special. Also feel free to run the tests on your own.

Download Links:

Acid 3 Test:

Chrome - 100/100
Firefox* - 97/100
IE9* - 95/100

*Both failed on the 5 color, blue

HTML 5 Test:
Chrome - 231/300
Firefox - 204/300
IE9 - 96/300

Note - These browsers are still in beta and the numbers from both tests are likely to change before the final release.

Memory usage:
Firefox ~ 90,000K
Chrome ~ 50,000K
IE9 ~ 37,000K

Robot Unicorn Attack Test: Basically I played the game on all three browsers and took note on smoothness
Chrome and IE9 both displayed the game very smooth. I got a higher score on Chrome but a higher average on IE9
Firefox is glitchy while playing the game

This data is backed up by the Beauty of the web tests

Pros and Cons

Multiple Ad-ons
Personas - Themes
Sync - Allow for syncing between all devices of bookmarks and passwords
Grouping Tabs - Allows you to group tabs based on what it is being used for
Tab Bar location
Almost fully customizable

Takes up a lot of memory
Takes Awhile to boot
Tabs in taskbar (Can be disabled)
Poor 64-bit version

Ad-on support
Some Themes
Low memory consumption
Passes Acid 3 and highest on HTML 5
Tabs bar location

Not fully customizable
No tab-grouping
Poor 64-bit version

64-Bit support
Pinning Websites - Pin a website such as Facebook in the Taskbar for quick access (Check this out)
Low Memory consumption
Quick Boot
Designed only for Windows machines

Minimal ad-Ons and personalization
Tab Bar and Address bar are next to each other

Friday, October 1, 2010

About and Welcome

Welcome to the blog. I'm Matt, currently a Student at the University of Illinois. The purpose of the blog is to post information about New and Upcoming technology with a focus around windows compatible product. The blog is geared towards students and how the technology can help with campus life. This means that some links will be for students only, and those links will be specified with by (SO) next to them. I worked at Best Buy for a few years and developed a custom Rom for an Android Device and have also Beta Tested two games for Android.

Some topics that I will be talking about:

Mobile (Phones, Tablets, MP3):
Windows 7 Phone

Web Browsers:

Firefox 4
Chrome 6

Operating Systems:
Windows 7
Chrome os
Linux Builds

Microsoft Products:
Microsoft Dreamspark (SO)
Office 2010
Xbox Kinect
Xbox 360