Friday, October 1, 2010

About and Welcome

Welcome to the blog. I'm Matt, currently a Student at the University of Illinois. The purpose of the blog is to post information about New and Upcoming technology with a focus around windows compatible product. The blog is geared towards students and how the technology can help with campus life. This means that some links will be for students only, and those links will be specified with by (SO) next to them. I worked at Best Buy for a few years and developed a custom Rom for an Android Device and have also Beta Tested two games for Android.

Some topics that I will be talking about:

Mobile (Phones, Tablets, MP3):
Windows 7 Phone

Web Browsers:

Firefox 4
Chrome 6

Operating Systems:
Windows 7
Chrome os
Linux Builds

Microsoft Products:
Microsoft Dreamspark (SO)
Office 2010
Xbox Kinect
Xbox 360

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